4 Easy Ways to Give Your Breakroom an Upgrade

Give your team the breakroom they deserve to relax and refuel before they get back to work!


When it comes to creating a positive work environment, the small things add up. Something as simple as a comfortable chair or convenient snack can make an employee’s workday better and boost morale.

If you are interested in improving the work environment and rewarding your team for their hard work, consider starting with the employee breakroom.

This room is where your team goes to eat, relax, and socialize on breaks or during lunch. Ideally, they will then return to work, refreshed and ready to be productive. Unfortunately, that may not happen if your breakroom is uncomfortable or outdated.

Here are some of the best ways to give your breakroom an upgrade:

  1. Invest in a new coffee/drink maker
  2. Offer free snacks and drinks
  3. Upgrade your furniture
  4. Repaint and refresh the lighting

Is it time to give your organization a breakroom upgrade? Let’s dive into our four breakroom supplies suggestions to help you create a great space for your team.


 Invest in a new coffee or drink maker

A decade or so ago, most workers were happy with a standard drip coffee maker. Now, most are accustomed to a wide selection of flavored creamers, iced coffees, syrups, and foams. Workers on the go also appreciate the option of single-serve cups.

That’s not to say that you need to turn your breakroom into the equivalent of a fancy coffee shop. However, high-quality equipment and new drink choices are always helpful. You can even add a cold beverage dispenser or iced tea maker to give people more options to sip on throughout the day!


Offer free snacks and drinks

You can make one change that won’t require purchasing new furniture or appliances. It’s also something your team is certain to appreciate: Add a selection of free snacks and drinks to the breakroom.

Your employees will see this as a valuable perk and love the fact that they can simply grab a quick snack during their breaks. Don’t worry — you won’t have to make frequent trips to the nearest grocery store. Instead, you can order a variety of snacks and beverages from M&T along with your other breakroom supplies.


Upgrade your furniture

Straight-backed chairs and plastic tables don’t do much to create a relaxing breakroom vibe. Fortunately, you can remake your space easily by adding some cushioned chairs, a couch, or even a beanbag lounger. A few inexpensive updates to your office furniture will make a significant impact!


Repaint and refresh the lighting

Take a close look at your breakroom. Would you want to eat there? What about socializing with coworkers or just hanging out? If your breakroom has any of the following, it’s easy to see why your team might stay away:

  • Dingy walls
  • Harsh lighting
  • Peeling paint
  • Flickering fluorescent bulbs

Consider repainting the space. A fresh coat of paint alone can make it seem the room seem newer and cleaner! Next, upgrade your bulbs and fixtures. Choose softer lighting options and a combination of overhead and task lighting. These small, relatively inexpensive changes can do wonders for upgrading the look and feel of your breakroom!


A breakroom that really provides a break

Your in-office team commutes to work and dedicates hours of their day to do great work for your organization. Shouldn’t you reward them with a functional, relaxing breakroom? The M&T team can help you with the supplies you need to get started!


Contact us today with any breakroom supplies ordering questions you may have, then log in or request an account to start shopping!