7 Office Supply Swaps to Increase Your Workplace Efficiency

Learn how to increase workplace efficiency with these helpful supplies


Knowing how to increase workplace efficiency is easy with these supply swaps.Did you know October 4th is Improve Your Office Day? You can celebrate by swapping out inefficient or worn office supplies with newer options that simply work better for your team or industry.


Try making one of these seven swaps and help your team work more efficiently and enjoy a more comfortable workplace:


  1. Upgraded lights
  2. Updated technology
  3. Noise-canceling headphones
  4. Standing desks
  5. Breakroom beverage machines
  6. Dry erase boards
  7. Sticky notes


Keep reading to learn more about how to increase workplace efficiency with these office supply swaps!


Upgraded lights


It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of good lighting. Employees who have the right lighting are better able to stay on task and work more accurately. Good lighting is also a matter of safety. When the workspace is well-lit, there are fewer slips, falls, and other accidents, as well as decreased complaints of fatigue and eyestrain.


Take a look around your office. Make a note of bulbs that are flickering or burnt out. Look for work areas that need more light and spaces with too much glare. Then, invest in a better lighting solution.


Updated technology


Common employee complaints include:


  • Printers that are constantly out of order
  • Slow network speeds
  • Outdated laptops and desktop PCs
  • Company phones that are several years old


If your employees voice their complaints about these issues, it is time to conduct a technology audit in your office and consider investing in some technology upgrades!


Noise-canceling headphones


Some employees may find they work more productively when they listen to music, podcasts, or white noise. This is especially the case for workers who are performing heads-down tasks like data entry or reading emails. Unfortunately, that productive solitude can be broken by loud background noises. If your team members want to enjoy music or podcasts while they work, consider providing them with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.


Standing desks


Working at a standing desk can relieve pressure and pain in the hips and back. It can also help workers feel more alert and engaged, especially when they regularly switch between sitting and standing.


During the pandemic, those who worked from home had the luxury of creating work areas that worked for them. Some people invested in standing desks and other equipment to counter the discomfort of sitting in an office chair all day long. Regardless of whether your team has used standing desks before, consider investing in them now to help boost productivity and help make the office a place they look forward to working.


Breakroom beverage machines


The little extras you add to your office can boost morale and productivity by making employees feel valued and giving them a chance to relax and unwind. One perk that workers always appreciate is complimentary beverages in the office breakroom.


Yes, a simple coffee maker is great, but there are so many other options! Consider a Keurig or another single-serve coffee maker so workers can brew up a cup of their favorite flavored coffee, teas, or even espresso drinks. A water dispenser is also perfect for keeping the team hydrated too!


Dry erase boards


Sometimes, simple products have more value than you might realize. For example, a fresh dry-erase board is a perfect canvas for communicating ideas and collaborating with teammates. Consider adding one to your meeting or conference rooms, and watch how it can impact efficiency!


Sticky notes


Sticky notes are a must-have item for anyone who takes notes or uses color coding to stay organized. They are also perfect for annotating manuals and creating tactile to-do lists. Stock your supply shelves with a variety of colors and sizes to make sure your team has options!


If you’re looking for more ideas on how to increase workplace efficiency, M&T Solutions can help you with these swaps and others. Request an account to browse our online shop for efficiency-boosting products today!