5 Must-Have Safety Supplies for Work

Stock Up on These Safety Essentials

These must-have safety supplies for work are a good idea to keep stocked up and easily accessible in your workspace.As a business owner or manager, you have certain obligations to maintain a safe environment for both your employees and customers. This means preventing unsafe conditions, taking care of hazards quickly, and providing people with the tools they’d need to quickly respond in case of an emergency.

Because of that, there are five things you should always keep on hand no matter what industry you work in:

  1. Wet floor signs
  2. First aid kits
  3. Fire extinguishers
  4. Flashlights
  5. Disposable gloves

These are basic safety supplies for accident prevention and incident mitigation — keep reading to learn more about each one, then log into the M&T Solutions store to stock up!


Wet floor signs

Slips and falls are a major concern. An unmarked wet floor is a common cause of these accidents, and sometimes serious injuries can result. Wet floor signs warn people that the floor could be slippery and that a fall hazard exists. Every business should have these on hand to put out during cleaning or in the event of a spill.


First aid kits

Every company should have at least one first aid kit. Larger companies may want to consider putting one on each floor or in each department. First aid kits come in various sizes. A smaller kit may simply contain some bandages, pain reliever/fever reducer, antibiotic cream, and other treatments for minor illnesses or injuries. You might expect a disposable ice pack, gauze or tape, and burn cream with a larger kit.

Consider the size of your business and the number of employees before you make a purchase. If you’re unsure of how many kits you’ll need or what size to invest in, our team at M&T Solutions is happy to help with a recommendation!


Fire extinguishers

You should do everything you can to prevent a fire from breaking out at your business, but in case one does, put it out quickly and avoid further damage with a fire extinguisher. These tools are truly your first line of defense in case of a fire.

There are just three other things to consider before purchasing a new fire extinguisher. First, you should know the type of fire most likely to happen at your business. Then, buy the right fire extinguishers for those types of fires.

For example, if a fire at your workplace would contain ordinary combustible materials like wood or paper, that’s considered a Class A fire and a water extinguisher would work fine. For fires involving flammable liquids like gas (Class B) or electrical equipment (Class) , a CO2 extinguisher should be your top choice. ABC Powder extinguishers will work on Class A, B, and C fires. Read up on all of the different classes of fires and types of extinguishers here.

Finally, ensure all employees know how to use the fire extinguishers you keep on site. You should also have a professional inspect the extinguishers regularly to check that they’ll work in case of an emergency.



There are many reasons that the power might go out in your place of business. Storms, electrical issues, and accidental damage are just a few of the potential causes. No matter what causes a blackout, there’s always a chance of people getting hurt as they try to navigate through a dark building. Additionally, a lack of light can be a security concern.

Fortunately, this has an easy and inexpensive fix. Invest in flashlights to place throughout your business where they’ll be accessible in an emergency.


Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves have many uses when it comes to workplace safety. For example, they protect the skin from harsh cleaning chemicals or when cleaning up bodily fluids. Food-safe disposable gloves also allow for sanitary food handling. Whether you keep them on hand for emergencies or for serving food at your next holiday party, disposable gloves are a must-have for office safety.


At M&T Solutions, we offer the safety supplies you need to keep your workplace running smoothly. Request an account today to shop the selection of safety supplies in our online store!