Government Agencies

When you work for a government agency, you know how vital it is to keep your office organized and running efficiently. But we know that’s sometimes easier said than done — that’s where M&T Office, Janitorial, and Safety Supplies comes in.

Your Challenges

If you are in any branch of government — local, state, or federal — you know how stressful and demanding your kind of work can be. It can be even more stressful when you don’t have the right equipment to keep everything running smoothly. 

Purchasing Requirements

With strict purchasing requirements that can be tedious to comply with, buying office supplies can become a nightmare. Luckily, M&T can step in and lend a helping hand in purchasing office supplies. 

Supporting a Homegrown Business

Whether you work for a government agency in our home state of Missouri or beyond, you know the importance of shopping from a business that’s passionate about helping others in their community.

Delivery Dilemmas

You need your orders to arrive on time, and in accordance to your contract specifications. However, many office furniture companies fail to deliver — literally.

How We

Can Help

As a veteran-owned business, we believe we have a leg up on the other office supply companies because we have first-hand experience with government agencies, including the United States military and federal contractors. We know that your needs will be very different from the needs of a business office.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We have a background with government red tape, and our team of professionals will work through it to ensure you get what you need. The entire M&T team is familiar with the strict guidelines government agencies hand down, and we can work with you and find creative solutions to fit your needs.

Stellar Customer Service

Since we are a small, close-knit company, our team can work closely with you, promptly respond to questions and concerns, and give our professional advice on what we think may be right for you. Other office supply companies lack the expertise to meet the needs of local, state, and government agencies. M&T has everything your team building needs, plus superior customer service.

Top 4 Reasons to
Shop With M&T

World-class customer service, from a team with experience working with government organizations

We’re veteran- and minority-owned, and community-focused, so you can rest assured every order you make helps make a difference

Deliveries made on-time and in accordance to your contract specifications

A wide variety of high-quality office furniture and supplies, to help meet all of your needs and relieve your supplies-related stress

Want to

Know More?

If you’re ready to make the change to an office supplies and furniture provider that goes above and beyond, our team is ready to talk. Contact us today to learn more about our products, charitable giving program, and how we can become your government team’s go-to supplies solution!