Janitorial Supplies

Cleaning and janitorial supplies are essential to any workplace, no matter the industry. A clean workspace can boost morale, increase productivity, and keep you and your employees protected against injury and illness.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies such as disinfectants, sponges, gloves, bleach, and air freshener all go into creating a germ-free, safe working environment. Whether you have a large office space and go through gallons of cleaner a day, or you just need an extra bottle of disinfectant for the breakroom, you will find it in our online office supply store. 

Hand Soaps

Washing your hands regularly is one of the best ways to reduce the number of germs and diseases being spread. At M&T, we offer antibacterial hand soap, foaming hand soap, soap dispensers, bar soap, and more. 

Trash Bags

Emptying your trash cans and refilling them with new bags each day can get expensive if you don’t go through a cost-conscious supplier like M&T.

Cleaning Equipment

We stock up on bigger cleaning equipment that other suppliers skip. M&T has the inventory to fill any janitor’s closet with brooms and dustpans, mops and buckets, vacuums, replacement bags, and carpet cleaners. 

At M&T, we know how important a clean and healthy workplace is. We pride ourselves on being the best online source of office equipment and supplies, including janitorial supplies for your entire office.

If you aren’t sure what janitorial supplies your office needs, contact us to talk to a member of our team, or browse our online store now.

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