Safety Supplies

Whether you work in healthcare, construction, or just general business, safety is a top priority in any occupation. In addition to providing basic office equipment and supplies, M&T also offers the safety supplies you need to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

You can find a wide selection of the following products in our expansive online store: 


Gloves are necessary to protect your skin from harmful or contaminating irritants and germs. M&T is proud to offer gloves in several different sizes and materials, including nitrile and vinyl gloves.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is as equally important in a laboratory or medical setting as it is in construction. At M&T, we have dozens of options when it comes to eye protection for indoor and outdoor use, and we are confident we can find the right equipment for you and your employees.  

Safety Gear

At M&T, we provide high-quality, durable safety gear to local companies, no matter their unique needs are. We’re proud to sell a variety of safety vests and helmets that have been rigorously tested and meet important safety standards. 

We also have safety gear for medical offices, maintenance teams, and more, including:

  • Shoe covers
  • Rainsuits
  • Kneeling pads
  • Cooling towels
  • Safety boots
  • Hydration packs



Masks are now a must-have in every industry, so finding a reliable source for them can be tricky. At M&T, we stay stocked with N95 masks, disposable masks, children’s masks, face shields, respirators, and more.  


People often forget about signs when purchasing office supplies, but these items can play a significant role in a safe workplace. Whether you need to inform customers about touchless payments or point someone in the right direction, we have a sign for it. 


Flashlights are essential on construction and other industrial sites, but they can also be incredibly useful in office settings. Every workplace should have emergency supplies prepared for the worst-case scenario, and a good flashlight is crucial. 

Our helpful and team of experts at M&T can help you choose the right safety supplies for your company and make sure they get delivered in a timely manner.

Visit our online store or contact us today to discover how we can provider all the office safety supplies your business needs.

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